With the amount of digital data that the average man now has, due to the ever increasing megapixel count on cameras, the need for lossless audio, and the HD revolution, it's becoming ever easier to fill up your computer's internal storage option.

And that's where an external HDD like the two just announced by Toshiba come in handy. The StorE Steel S and StorE Alu 2S are a couple of sleek looking portable drives, that will not only help you spread your digital data, they wouldn't look too shoddy docked in the living room, hooked up to your music or home cinema system.

There's no need for massive amounts of power wires with these external options either, they are powered by USB (up to 1TB), and even have USB 3.0 connectivity for faster transfer of those big files you've got.

You can go for up to 2TB of space with the StorE Alu 2S, but you'd need to give it some extra juice - a power cable is required for the 1TB, 1.5TB and 2TB 3.5-inch versions.

They're available in silver or black (or titanium for the Steel S) and they'll be out in Q2 2011 - no price details as of yet though.