Toshiba has announced a new technology - Wipe - that, "improves data security and reduces the risk of data leakage associated with document image data stored on copier and printer systems".

The tech works by clearing sensitive data and information once a system is turned off or when the self-encrypting HDD is removed from a machine. Toshiba is stating that this is a world's first.

Wipe works by invalidating a Toshiba SEDs security key once it is powered down making all data in the drive indecipherable to any copiers, printers, scanners and so forth in your PC's network.

The technology will also be handy for anyone that makes use of a loaned system, as the Wipe technology can also be used "prior to system disposal or re-purposing to ensure that private data never leaves the control of the responsible business unit or IT department".

Toshiba's Wipe technology is available now and the Japanese electronics giant states that, "this flexibility provides systems designers with a powerful set of data security capabilities that can be easily incorporated into existing system architecture".