How much storage to do you need to carry around in your pocket? Toshiba thinks the answer is around 1TB, with a new pocket sized drive touting enough memory for all your digital life and then some more.

The size of a postcard, Toshiba has introduced the Canvio Portable Hard Drive product line that will come in five colours and four storage capacities, ranging from 500GB to 1TB. 

At the top capacity, the Canvio holds up to 285,000 digital photos, 263,000 digital music files, or 820 digital movies.  

The Canvio product line comes in an array of colours, including black, silver, blue, red and green.

Prices in the US start from $119.99 for the 500GB Canvio up to $199.99 for the 1TB Canvio Plus.