Toshiba has announced a breakthrough in hard drive technology that means it will be able to pack a whopping 750GB of storage on a drive that can fit in your laptop.

The Toshiba Storage Device Division (or SDD for short) has just announced the launch of the world's first HDD capable of delivering 750GB of storage in a two-platter design.

The MK7559GSXP HDD provides a storage capacity, which has previously only been supported by 3.5-inch form factor HDDs in a device with a profile of only 9.5mm. 

According to Tosh, what that all means is that it's perfect for putting in premium notebooks, high-end PCs and portable external hard disk drives.

How much is 750GB in real money? Enough, says Toshiba, to store up to 213,000 photos, 187,500 digital music files or 300 hours of DVD quality video.

Expect them to start appearing in laptops shortly.