Last in the laptop bonanza that Toshiba has dropped on us are the Tecra A11 and M11 notebooks. These are also aimed as business users, but with more of a mobile focus than the Satellite Pro S500.

As such, they have smaller displays - the M11 at 14-inch, and the A11 coming in at a slightly bigger 15.4-inch screen. That screen isn't glossy - so you're more likely to be able to see it in direct sunlight. They both have large touchpads and fingerprint readers, along with optional full 10-digit numeric keypads.

Inside, there's a choice of Intel's Core i3, Core i5 or Core i7 processors, and hard drives with capacities up to 250GB. No word on RAM, though we expect a range will be offered - probably 3 to 6GB of DDR3. There are MiniDisplayPorts on both which will let you plug into a projector, should you so desire.

Toshiba has once again built in its "Eco" utility - a button above the keyboard that lets you keep an eye on how much juice your computer is using, and ramp it down to preserve battery life if necessary. There's a/b/g/n Wi-Fi on offer, and an optional 3G module too - for extra connectivity when wireless isn't an option.

The Tecra A11 is available now, and the Tecra M11 will show up in March. No word on pricing for either, but when we hear something we'll be sure to let you know.