Sony today launched the colourful line-up of CW laptops to replace the CS line and we were on hand to grab some shots.

Available in blue, red, pink and white (with a hot black Blu-ray model in the UK too), the CW series is designed to fuse portability and power, with a touch of colourful class.

The keyboard response was great from our brief play, with individual keys poking through the pink chassis.

The Vaio button under the screen will launch the Splashtop Linux OS, allowing you almost instant access to the Internet and saving you from having to start-up Windows 7 proper.

A Display Off button does exactly what you expect it to, letting you kill the screen when you don't need it, perhaps during lectures or whilst just listening to music. 

With a 14-inch 1366 x 768 display, these aren't the slimmest notebooks around, but you do get an optical drive and all the connectivity you'd expect – including the HDMI.

The Sony Vaio CW line will be hitting stores from 22 October, prices yet to be confirmed.