Sony Optiarc Europe has announced the launch of a new "high-end" DVD burner.

The AD-7240S is the world's first DVD burner to achieve a 24x burning rate. Optiarc says this "speed miracle" is reliable thanks to "Auto Strategy Technology" that reads a section of the media in advance and then "optimally adjusts" the writing head.

"We are pleased to be the first to introduce the fastest DVD-RW with 24x speed to the market. Sony Optiarc's AD-7240S sets a new precedent in optical storage technology", said Thomas Nedder, MD of Sony Optiarc Europe.

"We always focus on practical benefits for our customers. That's why, when we developed our new 24x burner, we ensured that it wasn't just the fastest, but also one of the most reliable drives on the market".

With a serial ATA interface, the new drive burns DVDs in +/-R format at up to 24x speed and CDs at up to 48x speed.

In DVD-RAM and DVD+R9 format, and on double layer DVD-R media, the Sony Optiarc AD-7240S writes at up to 12x speed while DVD+RW discs are written at up to 8x speed and DVD-RWs at up to 6x speed.

The AD-7240S achieves up to 16x reading speed with DVDs and 48x reading speed with CDs.

The Sony Optiarc AD-7240S is on sale from March.