Sony has launched its TT range of Vaio laptops in the UK on Tuesday following a launch in the US last month.

The new model will feature an 11-inch screen, be housed in a carbon fibre chassis and promise a long battery life.

Positioned as the replacement for the TZ series the new model will weigh 1.3kg, give you 8 hours of battery, and following Apple, offer an auto dim screen that changes the screen according to your surroundings.

Like the Lenovo laptops announced earlier in the month the new model will feature an embedded 7.2Mbps HSDPA modem with a 30-day T-Mobile SIM in the box, however it will not be SIM locked. Other specs include 4GB of memory and fingerprint recognition.

However, oblivious to the "credit crunch", the new model will cost the models will come in three variants as standard with the starting price being £1599 for 2GB of memory with 120GB hard drive with a top price of £1999.

In the UK, customers will have to chose to pay extra for Blu-ray, as Sony's BD-capable drive will not be an as-standard spec. This differs from the States, where it is included, suggesting that Sony don't think the UK market is ready for Blu-ray in a business offering.

The models will be available from the 10 November.

The company has also announced that it will allow customers to customise their Vaio notebook giving users over 6000 possible options.

Called "Viao by you", the new service will allow "you to personalise your own PC" said a spokesperson for the company.

The service, which will go live in the next couple of days on the Sony Style website will be available for all models in the Vaio range rather than just the TT model.