Sony has launched two notebooks in the States, the Vaio NS, and the Vaio CS - that was announced in the UK recently as the CS11.

The VAIO NS notebook gets an optional Blu-ray disc drive as well as DVD and CD read/write functionalities.

The laptop offers a 15.4-inch widescreen display with Sony's XBRITE-ECO LCD technology for claimed sharp details and vivid colors.

The NS also offers integrated A/V mode with a dedicated menu that lets the user select up to nine programs, such as a favourite website, from one location.

Specs include an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, "significant" RAM and "ample" storage and it's available in blue, white and silver with a Blu-ray enabled model costing around $1000.

UPDATE: Sony has now give the Vaio NS-1 a UK price and this is from £449 through Sony Style.