Sony has launched two VAIO notebooks series that boast ultra-portable dimensions and built-in HSDPA connectivty.

Selected models in the new VAIO SZ6-Series and VAIO TZ20-Series will feature fully integrated Wireless WAN (WWAN) capability that uses HSDPA running on mobile phone networks to give you up to 3.6Mbps connectivity where ever you have a mobile signal.

Sony are calling this VAIO "everywair". Twin antennas concealed in the lid are used to boost signal quality in marginal areas, with an improvement of up to 20% compared to single antenna systems.

As the hardware is fully integrated, there’s no external card to deal with – the SIM is inserted directly into the notebook itself. The VAIO Smart Network software claims to make it very easy to use by displaying all available networks and allowing the user to select between them at will.

The VAIO SZ6-Series is a business-orientated ultra-portable. Slimline carbon fibre construction apparently drawing on aerospace and Formula One engineering techniques gives durability but keeps the weight down to 1.79kg.

A 13.3-inch WXGA screen with X-black LCD enhanced contrast and LED backlight technology claims to provide a richly coloured, bright and roomy workspace.

It also boasts two graphics chipsets and a Stamina Mode switch, enabling users to opt for extended battery life of over 5 hours or huge graphics power, depending on what they need.

With its carbon fibre chassis and "Full Flat" design, an 11.1-inch X-black LCD enhanced screen on the TZ20-Series delivers a true 16:9 aspect ratio for viewing movies.

It also boasts LED backlight technology and colour accuracy of 72 per cent for a bright, lifelike image. The use of carbon fibre in the construction has allowed the lid to measure just 4mm thick.

Ultra-portable and ultra-mobile, the TZ20-Series weighs a tiny 1.24kg and offers battery life of up to 7.5 hours.

This launch sees "groundbreaking Sony collaboration" with service providers in Europe so we could expect bundled SIM packages, or at least special offers from mobile phone operators, but for now pricing and more details TBC.