Sony has announced the launch of a new Vaio complete with Blu-ray disk drive.

While HP are keen to suggest that HD DVD is more consumer friendly, Sony clearly backing its own high-def format has bundled the new drive into its new VAIO FZ notebook.

Weighing less than 3kg (6lbs), Sony say the FZ notebook is designed to maximise its 15.4-inch widescreen display.

Split into two lines, the FZ premium model will also have an HDMI connector so you can connect to a high-definition television and output Blu-ray movies.

The FZ notebook includes a full set of dedicated multimedia controls just above the keyboard. With the push of a button you can go straight to your CDs, pictures - even watch movies - without ever booting up the operating system.

The new model also comes loaded with LocationFree(R) software so you can "place-shift" live TV, access your personal video recorder or DVD player, and view that content on your notebook via the Internet (base station and broadband connectivity required).

The new PC incorporates an Intel Centrino Duo processor and built-in 802.11n wireless LAN. Other features include an integrated camera and microphone and ExpressCard slot.

The FZ standard model will start at about $1400, while the FZ premium Blu-ray Disc model will go for around $2000. No word as yet on UK pricing.