If you've been waiting to get hold of an even smaller laptop then Sony has probably answered a few of your wishes. At a megre 12.1-inches the Sony Vaio G1 weighs-in at just 1.89-pounds.

The new featherlight design is silent, sexy, durable and fast with SSD. It has also extended the standard 6-hour battery life to an additional 30-minutes to excite yourself over.

It's available with a 32GB Solid State Disk option, though initial costs for the laptop are cited at being around an extra $545 above the standard Vaio.

If you're not happy with the weightless developments of Sony's Vaio, why not impress yourself with a choice of six colours from its Type C laptops. It maybe 13.3-inches but it will make computing a brighter way to work. Plus further good news, the disc capacity has been extended (120GB for the previous 100 and 160GB for the 120).

No word as yet as to whether the laptop will be coming to the UK. We will keep you posted.