Sony's little ultra-portable PC, the Vaio UX1 is coming to the UK with its 32GB of flash memory.

The tiny device has a screen that measures just 4.5-inch on the diagonal, but it's designed with plenty of computing power for those who need full functionality on the go.

The shiny black device conceals a keyboard under a sliding screen, although the screen is touch-sensitive to both fingers and a stylus.

Powered by the Intel Ultra-Low Voltage processor with 1GB of memory, UX1 features integrated Wi-Fi, and not just one, but two cameras, one of which is designed for video chatting.

Its 32GB of flash memory mean that it will be able to withstand vibration and shock better than a device equipped with a spinning hard drive.

A touch of a button changes it from landscape to portrait mode, while another dedicated button activates the Vaio launcher, which gives quick access to various applications.

Other features include a bundled display/LAN adaptor, three USB ports, AV-out, VGA, LAN, and iLINK connectivity; it comes with a carrying stand, AC adapter, stylus, and soft case.