Will Sony's notebook battery woes ever come to an end? It seems that when your batteries turn out to power what seems to be most of the world's notebook computers, the answer is, not for a very long time.

Now Sharp, which sells laptops in its home market of Japan, has announced a recall of around 28,000 batteries through Sony's voluntary battery recall programme. Fujitsu has also added to the number of batteries that it's recalling, and has upped the count by another 51,000.

The Sharp notebooks affected by the recall are the PC-MR40J, PC-MR50H, PC-MR60HS, PC-MR80H, PC-MR80HU, PC-MR80J, and PC-MR8BH7, as well as the CE-BL44 battery pack.

And now there's a new twist to the recall story, as according to Reuters, Toshiba has said that it may seek compensation from Sony for damages to its brand name and the loss of potential sales. This sort of lawsuit could be even more costly for the company than the battery recall has been if the other manufacturers affected join Toshiba's crusade.