Sony has released another new series in their Vaio range; the SZ3 series sets itself apart with high-speed wireless internet connectivity thanks to a new partnership with T-Mobile.

The notebooks come with next-generation ExpressCard hardware for connections of up to 3.6Mbps. The incorporation of the ExpressCard leads to longer battery life and a better Plug and Play user experience – to set up, you simply slot the bundled SIM card in the ExpressCard to get connected.

The SZ3 also comes with two graphics chips that let you either disable on for longer battery life, or enable both for more graphics power.

Other features include an integrated Motion Eye webcam, fingerprint recognition, TPM security, and hard disk drop detection to prevent damage to data.

T-Mobile’s high-speed internet service is available with the purchase of an SZ3 for a free trial. The ExpressCard automatically finds the fastest service available wherever you are, and switches to it automatically.