Sony executives must be feeling as though they’re experiencing the worst case of deja-vu ever. In what is fast becoming a case of “you mean you haven’t had to send your battery back yet?” today it’s the turn of Hitachi, who has announced its recalling 16,000 in Japan.

The total number recalled across Dell, Apple, Lenovo, Fujitsu, IBM, Toshiba and now Hitachi is around 7.5 million so far, which is enough to power your laptop for over 1700 years (average battery life of 2 hours).

Hitachi’s Flora 210W and Flora SE210 notebooks are the ones affected by the recall; they were only sold in Japan.

Only nine cases of batteries exploding have been reported, but it’s testament to the violent and dangerous nature of these incidents that they’re being taken so seriously across the board.

Sony also make camera batteries, of course, so does this mean we’ll start seeing recalls of them as well?