The battery saga goes on and on and on for Sony. Acer has now declared it’s looking into whether or not some of its laptop batteries need to be recalled.

Sony recently instituted a global replacement scheme to exchange risky batteries, and now Acer may want in on the program. “Previously, we believed there were no problems with our batteries, but now we’re in discussions with Sony, just to make sure”, said Stella Chou, an Acer rep.

HP and Sony are the only major manufacturers not to have issued a recall on their notebook batteries so far. An HP statement reads, in part, “HP and Sony have studied and agreed that there are currently no safety issues with regard to HP battery packs using 2.4Ah or 2.6Ah Sony cells, although no battery is immune to failure or overheating.

“As a result, HP determined that it is not necessary for HP to join the global battery replacement program that Sony has announced to address end-user concern related to recent overheating incidents.”