Sony has announced a new series of Vaio notebooks that come in a variety of colour and seem mostly about style rather than function.

According to Sony, the C in the C-series stands for “Choice”, “Colour”, “Cosmopolitan” and “Chic”. The company has detailed in depth the five colour choices but has included no information about processor, graphics card, or hard drive as one would expect.

It comes in a silver white model “for the modern, sophisticated man or woman who wants to reflect calm, cool, karma”; a pink model “for the free spirit who likes to be noticed”; a green one “for the explorer who wants to feel at one with nature”; a grey and orange combo “for the jet-setting nomad”; and a black model with burgundy trim “for the person who wants a classic understated look that offers timeless elegance”.

For those who are really into defining themselves by what colour their notebook is, Sony also presents a range of distinctive carrying cases created by Mandarin Duck for Vaio.