Sony is making another push for digital media centres in the form of its new VGX-XL200-series.

The XL200 upgrades the specification on the original VGX-XL100 by integrating a Blu-ray drive in one of its models, and equipping both with HDMI connectivity.

VGX-XL201 is powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo processor with graphics provided by an Nvidia GeForce 7600 GTL graphics card. The VGX-XL202 goes one step further and incorporates Blu-ray playback and recording.

Designed to be used with the TV, the HDMI connection means that set up is easy and quick. The devices also feature a hybrid tuner for digital and analogue TV, so that they can be used as DVRs. With 500GB of storage on the VGX-XL202, there’s plenty of space for TV recording.

The XL202 is also bundled with a wireless keyboard and remote control to make surfing the Web from the sofa a breeze.

The two new Digital Media Centres are now available in the UK and selected European countries.