In the wake of the news that Dell is recalling more than 4 million of its notebook batteries, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced that it is investigating all Sony-made laptop batteries.

Sony supplies batteries not just to Dell, but also to Apple, HP, and Chinese PC maker Lenovo.

A spokesperson for Sony confirmed that some Vaio notebooks were using the same batteries that have caused problems in Dell machines, but the company hasn’t received any incident reports.

In a statement, she continues, “Sony’s Vaio adopts its own design for safety technology, and Sony considers there is no danger of emission of smoke or fire from these products”.

The safety commission is also examining batteries in other devices like mobiles and cameras, but right now is focussing on notebook batteries.

Analysts suspect the recall could cost somewhere in the region of $200 to $300 million, but it’s not clear how Sony and Dell are splitting the costs; Sony has not yet finished assessing the financial impact.