Sony combines ultra-portability with security in its new range of Vaio notebooks, the TX3-Series.

Sony has protected the new notebooks with integrated fingerprint recognition and chip-level Trusted Platform Module security so that they're secure inside and out. The Trusted Platform Module ensures that passwords and encryption keys are stored on the chip itself to protect them from being electronically harvested.

The notebooks are unusually robust for such lightweight (1.25kg) and slim units, thanks to a combination of G-Sensor Shock Protection that guards the hard disk from knocks and bumps, and a carbon-fibre laminate casing that is lighter and stronger than magnesium alloy.

The TX3s run on Intel Core Solo Ultra-Low Voltage processors and batteries that hold a charge to power the notebook for up to 7 hours. They also feature super-slim DVD+RW/-RW drives and 11.1-inch widescreen displays.

The VGN-TX3XP will be on sale for £1699, while the VGN-TX3HP will cost £1499, and both should be available in the UK in the third week of July.