Sony's new E Series monitor is a slight departure from the norm.

The design incorporates a shelf at the bottom for small items like pens and a space for Post-it notes, and hides the control buttons within a slot on the lower right hand side.

The E Series monitor is available in a 17 inch (SDM-E76D) and 19 inch (SDM-E96D) size, with both digital and analogue interfaces. They features a Luminance of 300cd/m2 and a maximum contrast ration of 600:1 on the 17 inch and 700:1 on the 19 inch.

Yoshiro Hondo, Display Marketing Manager, Sony Europe, said, "Post-it notes have become an everyday part of life both in the office and in the home".

"Sony engineers noticed the people often stick them to their computer screens as reminders — a habit which persists even in this electronic age — and so designed a computer display with an integrated area designed specifically for Post-its."

The SDM-E76D will be for sale for about