Well that was a quick teaser campaign. Sony this morning confirmed that the images that were leaked over the weekend are correct and along with the confirmation of images, Sony has also officially announced the specs of its new Pocket-sized PC.

The New VAIO UX Micro PC has a Microsoft XP Professional operating system and an Intel Core Solo Ultra Low Voltage CPU for fast processing and long battery life.

The UX model also features a 4.5-inch wide SVGA screen, not the 7-inch previously thought, with XBRITE technology.

The pocket-sized PC also comes equipped with a stylus and Sony’s VAIO touch launcher for quick access to functions frequently used such as internet access, e-mail, various computer applications, games and music.

Keeping travelers connected, the new computer incorporates Sony’s SmartWi technology, so you can toggle between wireless WWAN, LAN and Bluetooth technology.

The UX model also incorporates two built-in cameras - one in front for VoIP communication for on-the-go video conferencing and another located on the back for taking photos. A VGA adapter is included to connect the PC to a projector, making it easy to share presentations and spreadsheets with a group.

If that wasn't enough, the VAIO UX PC comes equipped with an integrated biometrics fingerprint sensor, so you do not have to remember passwords.

Sony has also announced it the unit will come with a docking station with three 2.0 USB ports, Ethernet, VGA, iLink IEEE-1394 interface and an AV output.

The VAIO UX Micro PC will be available in July in America for about $1,800, over $700 more expensive than Samsung's new Q1 model launched at CeBit.

We are awaiting confirmation as to its launch date in the UK.

We will keep you posted.