Sony has launched its new range of 2005/2006 notebooks and desktops today hoping to cover all the bases from the business user to gamer.

Leading this range is the TX1 which Sony believes joins the best features of the high end ‘T2' and the ‘X505'. Available in both black and white, the thin notebook weighs just 1.25kg, features an X-black wide screen display, a DVD writer, wireless LAN, Bluetooth and a 60 GB Hard Drive.

For Business users the company has launched the BX Series and the S5. The BX is the first of Sony's notebook ranges to be designed entirely for business users. Other functions include finger print recognition and security chip to ensure your important data is always secure. The S5 series is the smallest and slimmest of Sony's new VAIOs. Weighing 1.95kg, this tiny machine includes a 13.3in screen, 120GB of hard disk space and the promise of an extended battery life.

On the leisure front Sony has launched the VAIO FJ Series. The range of laptops will come with a 14.1in widescreen display and Sony's X-Black screen technology. The FJ Series includes a built-in tiny digital camera to instantly turn into a video phone.

Tech-Lovers get the A500 and FS-300 series that will come with a minimum of 80GB of hard disk drive. The Sony X-Black screen and X600 graphics processor is great for gaming and laptop comes with an entertainment docking station that offers multimedia capabilities as well as incorporating a TV tuner, S-Master digital amplifier and reflex-ported stereo speakers. The FS-300 series has an ultra-slim and portable design, offering a minimum of 80GB of hard disk space and weighs 2.9kg. With an entertainment docking station and X-Black screen like the A500 series.

Finally Sony has used today to launch the RC102. Designed for home or the officethe machine will include a network media receiver so you can find and view the high definition video content on your television. You can also access your PC music library via the TV interface and with SonicStage Mastering Studio. The machine will include an NVIDIA GeForce 6600 graphics card and feature a Pentium D processor.