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(Pocket-lint) - The updated Sony Vaio S series ushers new Intel hardware into a body that's constructed from premium materials giving you a slim and portable powerhouse.

The starting price sets it close to the asking price of the Sony Vaio T13 Ultrabook, but the S series offers a lot more potential for customisation and configuration. For starters there is a wide range of colour options and 15 and 13-inch screen sizes. We looked at a black 13-incher.

Rather than presenting the slick lines of the Vaio T13, the S Series models offer more connections and more buttons. That might only really amount to an additional USB (along with the optical drive, of course), but it also means you get things like a fingerprint scanner and a switch to change power modes.

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Importantly you'll be able to get up to an Intel Core i7 under the skin, along with an optical drive, a Blu-ray even, as well as the option of a higher resolution display and Nvidia graphics display if you pick the right model.

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The finish is very good, with the backlit keyboard offering a nice action, even if there appears to be a fair amount of flex there. The wide trackpad makes it easy to get around the display and the palm rest feel luxurious when you get down to serious typing.

The display is bright and vibrant and offered great viewing angles from the time we spent peering at it.

Starting at about £600, there are 15 and 13-inch versions of the Sony Vaio S Series available, with a choice of processors, as well as plenty of other options to choose from. 

Writing by Chris Hall.