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(Pocket-lint) - Not content with enhancing its VAIO E Series array of laptops, Sony has now added to its S Series range too.

Consisting of a 13.3 and a 15.5-inch display models, both laptops feature an uber-svelte waistline which Sony claims makes them ideal for people who work on the move.

Despite the skinny waistline the Sony VAIO S Series sports a robust shell as depending on the model it’s made up from the likes of magnesium, aluminium and carbon fibre. The choice of materials means Sony has been able to keep the weight of the devices down, with even the larger S Series 15 model weighing in at less than 2kg.

sony upgrades its vaio s series laptops with quad core ivy bridge processors image 2

Both Sony VAIO S Series laptops will feature a slot-in optical drive for either Blu-ray Disc or DVD playback, as well as a large "button-free" touchpad to navigate the mouse pointer.

The S Series 13 model boasts a VAIO Display Premium screen, while the S Series 15 laptop offers a more advanced Full HD VAIO Display Plus.

Sony has kitted out the S Series 15 models with third-generation Intel Core i7 quad-core processors for some much needed power, with Sony saying some future S Series 13 devices will be too.

Sony is also introducing two accessories to accompany the S Series range. A docking station with an integrated 500GB hard disk drive that will enable users to back up any files will also be sold, as will an optional sheet battery that will provide power for an additional 14 hours.

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As with Sony’s latest additions to its VAIO E Series range, plug your smartphone into the S Series laptops, even when switched off and you’ll be able to charge your mobile accordingly. 

Both Sony’s 13.3 and 15.5-inch VAIO S Series models will be available in the UK from early June, though there’s no word on pricing.

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Writing by Danny Brogan. Originally published on 16 April 2013.