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(Pocket-lint) - Sony has unveiled its latest VAIO E Series 14 laptop range and has added a bit of colour to mark the occasion.

Available in white, black and even pink, Sony’s style team has introduced a new "wrap-around" design that sees the borders of the lid, base, touchpad and keyboard all decorated with a colourful trim.


sony vaio e series 14 laptop sports hand gesture control image 2

Sony is key to champion the VAIO E Series 14’s looks, and while we found them fetching enough, it was a new piece of tech that really caught our eye.

This latest VAIO range will, for the first time, feature Gesture Control enabling the user to navigate and instruct their laptop by performing certain hand movements in front of the built-in HD web cam.

For example, a flick to the left or right will turn the webpage or photo you’re looking at, while pulling your hand down will pause your music or a slideshow.

sony vaio e series 14 laptop sports hand gesture control image 3

Our personal favourite is the ability to turn your music volume up or down with a rotating movement. As though you were turning an imaginary dial.

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Of course VAIO’s Gesture Control is limited to those programs that are able to support it, which currently include Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer 9, PowerPoint and PowerDVD.

Though the VAIO E Series 14’s battery life is billed at seven hours, Sony has included a light sensor that dims the keyboard’s backlight depending on how light your current environment is, which should help increase battery life.

sony vaio e series 14 laptop sports hand gesture control image 4

The Rapid Wake + Eco function will also save your work for up to 10 days by putting the laptop into a deep sleep when you close its lid.

Once opened, the notebook will fire up immediately and you’ll be able to carry on where you left off.

The Sony VAIO E Series 14 features a 14-inch display (hence its name) and weighs in at around 2.3kg.

Available from the end of June, a Sony VAIO E Series 14 laptop will set you back around £649 depending on which retailer you frequent.

Will you be buying a Sony VAIO E Series 14 laptop? Let us know.

Writing by Danny Brogan.