Okay, so the new Sony Vaio P series isn't that new any more - we know it is doing the rounds at the moment. But when we clapped eyes on an illuminated table top and a bright pink notebook-not-netbook, it just screamed photo gallery to us.

So here we have it, the new Sony Vaio P series, showing off its angles, revealing its solitary central nipple. There is now a tickle pad on its neck (a touch area to the side of the screen for those not following the dubious allegory we're trying to spin out here).

First impressions are that the screen is still tiny and although it looks sharp, Windows 7 is proper tiny so you can barely see what you are doing.

The keyboard presents chiclet keys, again in pink, with a rather busy array. Keys are packed onto the chassis, but we have to say that it is possible to type. In fact, all you really lose from your average 10-inch netbook is the palm rests, so typing isn't as bad as you might think - so long as you select a large font size on the screen, naturally.

It comes in other colours if pink doesn't take your fancy and we can't help thinking the overall effect is like a over-sized wallet, you know, the sort that really rich people have, or the sort of person who'd spend £799 on a tiny computer.

The 8-inch 1600 x 768 pixel resolution screen is joined by an Intel Atom Z540 (1.86GHz) processor, 2GB RAM, 64GB hard drive, and a whole bunch of connectivity, including 3G.

Cast your eyes over the pink model here, and await with anticipation our full review.