At IFA this year, Samsung launched its X-series of laptops comprising the 11.6-inch X120, the 14-inch X420 and the 15.6-inch X520. We brought you the specs for all the machines, and grabbed some photos of the X520, but you hadn't seen the X120 and X420 until now.

In case you'd forgotten, the X-Series is Samsung's take on the "thin & light" laptops that every single major manufacturer is currently rolling out thanks to Intel making a marketing push on its ultra-low voltage processors.

Although confusing for consumers to have so many similar laptops around, it's good because they all pack reasonable specs and long battery life, and the competition should help to drive down prices quite a bit in the run-up to Christmas.

The X520 ships with an optical drive in the case, but the X120 and X420 don't - they come with an external one instead, which can be attached via USB. They come with 2GB to 4GB of RAM, integrated GPUs and 160GB to 500GB of hard disk space.

The X120 costs £500, the X420 is £600 and the X520 is £650. They're all packing Windows 7 and therefore available now.