Samsung has said that it will be bringing OLED technology to its laptop range in 2010.

"Samsung is the largest OLED screen manufacturer. And as soon as it's available commercially for laptops we will adopt it," said Kyu Uhm, Head of Worldwide Sales and Marketing for Samsung's Computing Division at the company's keynote speech at IFA in Berlin, Germany according to UK tech site TechRadar.

Uhm goes on to say that a launch would "Probably sometime Q3 next year."

Although companies like Samsung, Sony and LG are keen to show off OLED televisions, digital picture frames, MP3 players and mobile phones the technology has yet to make it into netbooks or laptops.

Kodak, currently offers one of the largest screens on the market - a 7-inch OLED digital photo frame, however it costs £600 suggesting the cost to feature an OLED screen in a laptop would be anti-competitive once you added the laptop functionality.

Samsung is however showing a 32-inch television concept model at the show, although is currently still saying that it would be too expensive to make commercially available.

Currently OLED technology you can buy can only be found in its phones and MP3 player ranges.