Samsung is reportedly launching a new website and software called EmoDio, aimed at people who use its MP3 players.

According to DA preview, the new website is going to replace the Samsung Media Studio (SMS).

Th site is expected to go live today (30 May) - although we couldn't find it - and will offer a media player, as well as the opportunity for visitors to share their UCI’s (User Creative Interfaces) using a new UIC generation tool.

Skins and Wallpapers will be available through the site, which bloggers suggest is mainly aimed at P2 owners.

There will also be support for Datacasts a "Text To Speech" feature that will allow you to convert txt files to MP3.

The site is aimed at offering "The Digital Privilege for the Emotional Generation" - which makes completely no sense to us whatsoever!

We'll come back with more deets once we have them.