Samsung, Stateside, today showed off the Q1 Ultra, the successor to the Q1 UMPC that was launched to mixed reviews about this time last year.

The Ultra now has an inbuilt keyboard – although it's split either side of the screen (designed for thumb typing), a claimed 4.5-hours battery life and is a lot more slim-lime than the first incarnation. There's a 1.3 megapixel camera for still photos and videos, the screen is a 7-inch wide touchscreen with greatly improved resolution, while connectivity has been given a tweak too.

The price in dollars is set to be "from $799", considerably cheaper than the Q1 and a lot closer to the UMPC-in-every-consumer's-hands dream that was supposed to go along with this new form factor.

A whole pile of accessories from external disk drives, extra batteries, a USB docking station to GPS receivers means this hits the US market with more branded accessories that Bad Hair Day Barbie.

European pricing and launch info to hopefully follow…