Samsung has doubled the size of its Solid Flash Drive to 64GB bringing faster bigger SSD drives one step closer to mobile devices such as laptops and PDAs.

The read and write performance of the new SLC flash-SSD have been increased by 20% and 60% respectively over the 32GB flash-SSD Samsung introduced last year, meaning that the new SSD’s ability to outperform conventional rotating-media hard drives is even greater than had been anticipated.

The flash-SSD, a drop-in replacement for a hard disk drive, is a secure and reliable means of storing personal or work-related data.

Samsung plans to start mass production of the 1.8in-type 64GB flash-SSD in the second quarter of this year.

Samsung says that it expects the SSD market to reach US$200 million in 2007 and increases to US$6.8 billion by 2010.