Samsung has announced the launch of its new 2nd generation UMPC, the Q1Ultra at CeBIT in Germany.

The new Ultra Mobile PC, according to the company "opens up a world of productivity and entertainment".

The model features a QWERTY keyboard, dual still and video cameras, fingerprint security and optional GPS navigation.

Almost a year since the first UMPC from the Korean manufacturer, Samsung has once again turned to Microsoft and Intel to power the device and the unit will run Microsoft's Vista Home Premium edition.

The Q1Ultra is one of the smallest and lightest computers available, the device will weigh 699g and be under 23.5mm deep.

As well as running Microsoft’s Windows Vista Home Premium, the Q1Ultra features a 7-inch WSVGA 1024x600 LCD touchscreen although the main input will be via the keyboard.

Samsung is also claiming 30% more power with the Q1Ultra’s improved battery life now offering over 4 hours on the standard four cell battery or over 6 hours on the extended six cell battery.

Other tech specs include 10/100 Ethernet, 802.11b/g wireless LAN, HSDPA/WiBRO and Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity. Digital Multimedia Broadcasts (DMB) support and two digital cameras for video conferencing. There is also a fingerprint recognition feature that ensures your information remains safe from prying eyes.

Having high hopes for the device, Kim Houn Soo, Executive Vice President of Samsung’s Computer Systems, said “By 2010, I expect the UMPC market to be 10 million units strong worldwide with the Q1Ultra leading the way”.

No word on pricing and availability in the UK. We will keep you posted.