Microsoft may have suggested at the launch of its UMPC devices at CeBit that customers should be expected to pay around $500 for the privilege, but it seems that manufacturers and retailers of the new devices have other plans.

Expansys in the UK has just announced that it will be charging customers looking to pick up Samsung's new Q1 Ultra Mobile PC £799.95.

The company isn't currently suggesting when you'll get it, but it does say that your credit card won't be charged until you do.

Prospective customers can pre-order


The Q1 is one of the new UMPC devices based on a new form factor developed by Samsung Electronics, Intel and Microsoft. Promoted as the ultimate portable PC, the Q1 promises to be a PDA, MP3/PMP, GPS system, tablet PC and storage device in one sleek and stylish mobile device.

Samsung's Q1 features a 7-inch wide 800 x 480 resolution LCD touch screen, starting from 40GB of portable memory and supports all multimedia formats.

Samsung's Q1 feature 10/100 Ethernet, 802.11bg wireless and Bluetooth 2.0 (EDR) as standard while the twin array microphone allows you to make calls over the Internet using VoIP.

The company is promising a 3.5 hour battery life.