Samsung is showing off a new prototype laptop at CeBIT in Germany that could revolutionise the notebook market.

The new device features a 32GB flash drive that replaces the model's hard disk saving battery and improving performance.

Although not yet big enough to offer a complete solution, it is thought that the drive would be big enough to store core programs as well as a version of Windows for booting from.

The new Solid State Drive reportedly offer three considerable advantages over the current hard disks normally found in laptop machine; durability, speed and noise levels.

No moving parts means the unit isn't as susceptible to knocks and bashes when being moved around and the speed is improved because the data on the solid state drive can be accessed faster than warming up a hard drive from standby.

The catch however is that currently flash-based memory is expensive, making a 32GB drive somewhere in the region of £500. However there is hope on the horizon. Last year when the technology was first announced the price was almost double of what it is today.

We will keep you posted.