Samsung has launched two new laptops which promise to turn the conventional notebook design on its head.

The Samsung M70 is the world's first 19 inch notebook computer with detachable screen, while the the Samsung X1 is according to Samsung the world's thinnest and lightest 14 inch Wide Centrino Notebook Computer.

The M70's detachable display can also be used as a full sized 19” monitor with existing home PCs, and also be used with any future notebook upgrades delivering significant cost savings.

The laptop will come with a dedicated Nvidia Geoforce graphics sub system, an LCD docking cradle as standard, enabling ergonomic positioning of the LCD to best suit the application or environment,Samsung's latest “AVS Now” technology enables users to quickly access their videos/DVDs, photos and audio files without the time required to boot Windows, Four USB ports, a full sized keyboard and the latest Intel Centrino mobile processor chip.

However all this comes at a price - the M70 weighs in at a 4.4kg.

The X1 Notebook will sport an Intel Pentium M ULV Processor (CentrinoTM) 733 / 753, 60 GB (4200rpm, PATA 1.8” HDD) and a DVD-Super Multi Dual Layer disc drive.

The laptop will weigh 1.7kg and measure 331.9 x 261.5 x 19.2~23mm. Users will also be able to get an optional X dock for easy access to a wide variety of ports including parallel, serial, USB ports and DVI (Digital Video Interface)

The X1 will cost £1,199 while the M70 will cost £2,199.