(Pocket-lint) - While solid-state drives have grown in capacity over the last couple of years, the prices charged for storage of 1TB and over are extortionate. They are generally for corporations rather than consumers.

However, Samsung is bucking the trend with a new series of drives from 1TB to 4TB at affordable prices.

It will bring its Samsung 860 QVO SSD range to market from 16 December, starting as low as $149.99 (£116) for a 1TB drive.

The largest of the new drives will be the "industry's first" 4-bit 4TB SATA solid-state drive for consumers.

It, and the 1TB and 2TB versions, will all come in the popular 2.5-inch form factor - which is great for PS4 installation too.

Samsung claims its 4-bit SSDs maintain the same performance levels as its 3-bit equivalents, by using a 3-bit SSD controller and TurboWrite technology. Drive capacity is increased through the use of 32 chips, all based on 64-layer 4th generation 1Tb V-NAND technology.

That means the new drive family will be about to reach sequential read speeds of 550MB/s and sequential write speeds of 520MB/s.

The drives will come with three-year warranties.

Consider that the current Samsung 4TB 850 EVO SSD is listed on Amazon.co.uk with a £926.99 retail price, and even the 1TB version is £213.89 with a discount applied, you can see that the new range finally brings the technology to the mass market.

Writing by Rik Henderson.