Globalgig, the 3G data service, has announced a partnership with Samsung that gives users free data.

Buy a Samsung Chromebook 3G to get a free Globalgig SIM that comes with 100MB of free data each month for a year. And since Globalgig is an international provider that will mean access in 40 countries across Europe, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. And when you arrive in the new country all you need do is wait, up to 10 minutes, and the Chromebook will have you automatically connected to a local network.

If the free 3G data isn't for you then Chromebook 3G buyers have the option of £50 cash back and a Samsung Galaxy Mini smartphone too. The only catch is you'll need to pick yours up before the end of September to get the deal from

Samsung Chromebook pricing starts at £250 for a Series 3 model.