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(Pocket-lint) - At IFA next week, Samsung will show its new NFC-capable printer, the Xpress C460, which can print or fax files from a smartphone simply by tapping it against the machine, or even scan a document or picture to store on the phone. In addition, it will be exhibiting three concept printers that are not planned for public consumption yet but show what could be possible in the near future.

The first of those, the Indie, looks much like a typical smartphone dock. The only difference is that instead of being a loudspeaker you plug your phone into, it's a printer. It will print from a phone - such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 - and charge it at the same time.

The Wave is similar but features a more "organic" design aesthetic, while the One & One is a mono laser printer that can actually print in two colours, with the user designating a separate additional spot colour from cyan, magenta or yellow.

However, it is the Xpress C460 that will be the centrepiece of the collection. As well as offer NFC pairing and printing, it comes with Wi-Fi Direct printing, so you don't necessarily need NFC of your phone, and cloud printing through Google Drive so you can send a file to your printer at home or in the office, no matter where you are.

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"By focusing on three distinct areas and leveraging our expertise in the mobile sector we have been better able to support our customers' business needs - especially in the areas of greater communication, collaboration and connectivity," said Mark Ash, general manager, print at Samsung UK.

"This focus has also led to us launching the world's first NFC-enabled printer series the Xpress C460. With our NFC printing technology, we are looking to expand our target market beyond the home to include businesses and government agencies, where we are seeing increased demand for printing."

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 29 August 2013.