Samsung is getting in on the Shark Week and the Sharknado action this year with an advert for its Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite laptop.

The rather bizarre advert sees a baby in a shark outfit in a swimming pool spotting his dad show off his new ATIV laptop.

According to the advert, which takes a cue from Look Who's Talking, the baby is envious of his dad's computer and the snazzy features it has including SideSync that lets him connect and share information and files with his Samsung phone via a virtual phone on the desktop.

The 54-second advert ends with the baby climbing out of the pool and then talking to the camera to say "creative, orginATIV, innovATIV"

Yes, it's okay, you can file this in your WTF folder.

Oh and UK readers, you'll be pleased to know that Sharknado, the crazy B-movie in which giant flying sharks terrorise Los Angeles after a storm is showing on Syfy tonight (Wednesday 9pm).