Samsung has announced that it is expanding the Ativ brand name to include all Windows PC, not just the Windows-based smartphones and hybrid tablets.

The move, Samsung says, is designed to give the company "one cohesive brand" to sit alongside the Galaxy line that is now synonymous with Android.

Simon Stanford, vice-president of IM division at Samsung, said: "We hope our Ativ brand will see the same kind of traction and awareness that we have seen with our Galaxy brand, with consumers associating ATIV with Windows in the same way they associate Galaxy with Android."

Windows PC products that Samsung currently has will be renamed from 29 April and will cover Samsung notebooks (series 9, 7, 5, 3, and various Chronos and Ultra variants), Samsung all-in-one PCs (series 7, 5, 3), joining the Ativ Smart PC and Smart PC Pro.

In addition to this rebranding move, Samsung is adding a new feature to practically draw the Ativ and Galaxy lines closer. Called SideSync, the feature is designed to make it easier to use devices together, letting you work on tasks across devices.

For example, SideSync will allow you to use your PC to reply to an SMS message on your smartphone; you can view images on both devices, so you can edit more effectively on your PC, as well as regular backup and syncing.

Things continue to look good for the company. Samsung has just annouced record profits and the Samsung Galaxy S4 is about to hit markets worldwide.

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