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(Pocket-lint) - The new Series 9, the Samsung Series 9 900X3B, is not something that the Korean giant has chosen to label an Ultrabook. Specs-wise it is one, but the only conclusion we can draw is that is that "ultra" doesn't cover it. It's better than that.

Rather like the MacBook Air, it's very possible that the Series 9 could achieve the same super high status. At just 12.9mm thick, on the 13-inch model, slim doesn't do it justice and with only 1.16kg on board, you can hold it on the palm of your hand without so much as a strain.

Pocket-lintsamsung series 9 900x3b pictures and hands on image 3

Like its predecessor, it's beautifully crafted, has a great looking isolated keyboard and one piece glass trackpad combo and it's so aerodynamic that it looks like it'll take off at any minute.

On the inside, you're looking at a second generation Intel Core CPU with a Core i5 at the very least. There's up to 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage on an SSD and as narrow a bezel as possible to maximise your screen size while minimising the chassis.

Pocket-lintsamsung series 9 900x3b pictures and hands on image 7

The improved 160-degree viewing angle super bright HD screen lives up to its promises and there's no clunky port flaps to bother with this time. Instead, each of the sockets is carefully milled in in such a way that they come across more as part of the art than anything else.

Naturally, it'll cost you an arm and leg when it arrives but we can imagine quite a few people willingly giving up their body parts to own one.

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Writing by Dan Sung.