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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has stolen the title of the thinnest laptop in the planet from Acer Aspire S5 by revamping the Series 9 premium laptop at CES 2012.

The new Series 9, the Samsung Series 9 900X3B, measures just 14.9mm thick at the thickest and 1.59kg, if you go for the 15" model, and a mere 12.9mm and 1.16kg if you're happy enough with a 13-inch screen.


Either way you're looking at a second generation Intel Core CPU with a Core i5 at the very least. There's up to 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage on an SSD and as narrow a bezel as possible to maximise your screen size while minimising the chassis. In fact, even the screen itself has been improved and is now labeled an HD+ SuperBright Plus that promises to be 180 per cent brighter than the last incarnation with a 160 degree viewing angle.

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In terms of use features, the Series 9 will boot up in a rather precise sounding 9.8 seconds, will rouse from sleep in 1.4 seconds and promises to make your browsing twice as fast. There's also up to 10 hours of battery life to get through too.

When it's coming and how much for, we don't know, but luxury brand Valextra will be creating a customised leather case for you to buy along with it just in case the price tag isn't enough already.

Writing by Dan Sung.