We may have seen something similar from Dell with its Inspiron Duo, but we still couldn't help but go "oooh" when we first saw this Samsung TX100 hybrid tablet / notebook.

The screen is a 10.1-inch multi-touch display, but hidden underneath is a QWERTY keyboard and mouse pad for additional control options. You can even combine both methods at once.

Powered by an upcoming Intel Atom processor, the TX100 boasts Windows 7 and has a range of connection channels and I/O ports, including wireless modules, USB/HDMI out via dongle, and microSD card.

There's an SSD (32GB or 64GB) on board and the boot time is described as just a "few seconds". You'll get 9-hours life on a full charge and it's pre-loaded with a range of Samsung apps as well as Bing ones too.

“At first glance, the Samsung TX100 is a compact, light-weight tablet with multi-touch applications,” said Graham Long, VP of IT Solutions at Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland.

“However, when the display is slid into place, it reveals a physical keyboard, giving users the freedom of an intuitive touch environment and a familiar keyboard and mouse interface. The transformation of form-factor is slick and seamless. Bringing such an innovative and new device to market is an example of Samsung’s dedication to taking care of peoples unmet needs."

Prices TBC, the Samsung TX100 should hit the shops in March.

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