Samsung announced the SF notebook range including the 13.3-inch SF310, the 14-inch SF410 and the 15.6-inch SF510 at this year's IFA in Berlin, Germany and Pocket-lint was on hand to snap a quick photo gallery so you can see it in all its up close and smudged glory.

These machines have Intel i3 or i5 dual-core processors, hybrid graphics (Intel for the less demanding and Nvidia for the good stuff) and look just as cool as the NF range - also announced at the show.

As for that curvy manta ray like design, Seongwoo Nam, executive VP at Samsung Electronics, said: "Inspired and elegantly crafted, this new lineup is truly representative of our efforts to come up with a new style in mobile computers".

The new PCs are due to hit Europe in October - no prices have yet been confirmed, but think Apple MacBook with Windows 7 and you'll on the right lines.