Samsung has used IFA 2010 as the platform to launch its latest line-up of notebooks - and they come in all shapes and sizes.

The most exciting announcement was of the Samsung NF310 netbook that is packing the next-generation Intel Atom N550, dual-core, chip.

This monster netbook also boasts a 1366 x 768 HD resolution, DDR3 RAM, and Windows 7.

Also in the netbook lineup is the NF210 and the NF110, that may not have the next-gen CPU of their bigger brother but still come wrapped in the sexy looking glossy exterior and boast incredible battery life - a whopping 14 hours for the NF210.

Samsung also announced the SF notebook range including the 13.3-inch SF310, the 14-inch SF410 and the 15.6-inch SF510.

These machines have Intel i3 or i5 dual-core processors, hybrid graphics (Intel for the less demanding and Nvidia for the good stuff) and also look just as cool as the NF range.

Seongwoo Nam, executive VP at Samsung Electronics, said: "Inspired and elegantly crafted, this new lineup is truly representative of our efforts to come up with a new style in mobile computers".

"I believe that Samsung’s new mobile computer designs are fresh and will drive design trends across the computer industry and satisfy style-conscious users".

The new PCs are due to hit Europe in October - no prices have yet been confirmed.