In Korea Samsung has announced the launch of new netbooks with the Samsung N210, N220, N150 and NB30 joining the current range.

Boasting Intel's latest processor, the Intel Atom N450, all are 10.1-inch models and get an LED anti-reflective display and thanks to Samsung's "Enhanced Battery Life solution", decent battery life of up to 8.5 hours for the N150 and NB30 and up to 12 hours for the N210 and N220.

Full specs are yet to be revealed but features include an integrated Digital LiveCam and "Instant On" capability.

In addition, the NB30 gets a HDD freefall sensor, which protects data by automatically parking the HDD if it senses the netbook dropping and a water-tight seal for protection against a small spill for around 10 seconds.

The Samsung N210, N220, N150 and NB30 will be available early in January in most of EMEA, the Americas and Asian countries, we'll bring you more when a UK launch takes place.