Razer, the company behind a number of gaming mice and other accessories, has announced a mouse specially designed for MMORPGs - the Naga.

It's got a whopping 17 buttons - left and right click, scroll wheel, the regular forward and back buttons on the sides, and also a pad consisting of another twelve buttons on the left hand side. Naga, in case you're wondering, is Sanskrit for "snake", and is also the name of a prominent group of baddies in World of Warcraft.

Best of all, it comes with an add-on for WoW that shows a grid and allows you to dynamically pick which spells correspond to the side buttons - useful if in the middle of the fight you suddenly decide you need magma totem, rather than searing totem.

The Naga mouse will be available imminently, and will cost 80 Euros which, given the exchange rate recently, will probably translate directly to £80.