Razer has launched the Lachesis - a seriously high precision gaming mouse that boasts the highest sensitivity ever at 4000 dpi.

The catchy "Bringer of silent death" tag-line refers not only to the gaming mouse's ability to help you frag every single oppo in super-fast, super-accurate style, but to the peripheral's namesake - the Lachesis snake.

Containing Razer's 3G Laser Sensor this offers incredible precision of "true" 4000 dpi and superior tracking speeds of up to 100 inches per second.

The Razer 3G Laser Sensor also stops tracking at much lower lift-off levels than any other laser sensor, preventing errors when the Razer Lachesis is lifted off its tracking surface.

As the Razer 3G Laser Sensor is housed within the Razer Lachesis, gamers can also make the most of Razer Synapse, allowing users to switch DPI on-the-fly, without drivers.

The Razer Lachesis is can be used by left or right handers, features a rubberized non-slip matte finish, with a glowing scroll wheel and "pulsating" Razer logo.

It will be available in two colours, Phantom White and Banshee Blue, will cost $79.99 and is due to go on sale globally in October 2007.